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Product Discovery and Design


Efficient Solutions to Your Toughest Challenges

With over 15 years of experience and 350 digital products under our belt, Engineers has honed a Product Discovery and Design approach grounded in Design Thinking, Lean Startup principles, Agile Project Management, and Technology Adoption Life Cycle. Many projects fail due to inadequate product development and planning. At Engineers, we ensure your project's success through meticulous planning and innovative design strategies.


Product discovery and design are the foundational stages in the journey of crafting a digital product. Product discovery involves understanding the needs, desires, and pain points of your target audience, as well as exploring market opportunities and competitors. It's about uncovering insights that will shape the direction of your product.


Design, on the other hand, is the creative process of transforming those insights into tangible solutions. It encompasses user interface (UI) design, where the visual and interactive elements of the product are defined, and user experience (UX) design, which focuses on crafting intuitive and seamless interactions that delight users. Together, product discovery and design lay the groundwork for building products that not only meet user needs but also drive business success.


At Engineers, we leverage our expertise in product discovery and design to help you conceptualize and visualize your digital vision, ensuring that every aspect of your product is thoughtfully crafted to resonate with your audience and achieve your business objectives.


Engineers founder, Ivan Trajkovic, has published a book titled "From Idea to Digital Product," offering a comprehensive guide for transforming ideas into successful digital products. Recognizing the high failure rate of products, the book emphasizes the crucial role of proper product development, or "concepting."


Through a 12-milestone methodology, Trajkovic shares insights gained from over a decade of experience, aiming to equip readers with strategies to navigate the complexities of digital product development effectively. With practical rules and invaluable advice, this book empowers entrepreneurs and product developers to turn their inspirations into sustainable and successful ventures, minimizing the risks of failure.


Product Discovery Process

We've developed an app so that each robot can deliver goods in residential areas safely and make autonomous decision based on real-time information.


Product definition

Ideas often manifest as a jumble of disparate thoughts, scattered across the mind's landscape. Though their essence may be clear, distilling them into a single concise sentence presents a formidable task. It requires sifting through the clutter of concepts, organizing them with precision, and capturing their essence in a succinct yet comprehensive manner. This process demands not only clarity of thought but also skillful articulation to convey the complexity of ideas in a compact form.


Target audiences and segmentations

Defining a target audience is integral to product strategy, representing a specific demographic or group that the product is tailored towards. While a digital product may cater to multiple target audiences, identifying them becomes clearer once the product vision and core purpose are established. This process ensures precision in marketing efforts, aligning product features and messaging with the unique needs and preferences of each identified audience segment.


Main Value Propositions

Main Value Propositions serve as the cornerstone of your product's appeal, encapsulating the key benefits it offers to your target audience. These propositions are the driving force behind why your end-users choose your product over alternatives, laying the groundwork for your business's future success.


Pricing strategy and revenue streams

If you're firmly committed to monetizing your product from the outset, your conceptual focus will naturally center around monetization. This early decision shapes the direction of your product's features and functionalities, informing every aspect of its design and functionality to align with your monetary goals.


Concept sketching

The conceptualization of a digital product is a flexible process that can be initiated at any stage. However, prioritizing sketching as the fifth step in your digital product conceptualization journey enhances its quality and reduces overall effort. By allocating adequate time and resources to this crucial step, you ensure a more refined and streamlined development process, resulting in a product of higher quality and efficiency.


Incremental concept improvements

Maximize the potential of your idea when creativity is at its peak. This critical juncture offers the opportunity for thorough revisions, ensuring alignment with stakeholders' expectations, all while minimizing the investment of time and resources. By capitalizing on this moment, you can refine your concept to its fullest extent, laying a solid foundation for success.


Delivery phases and influences

Explore all facets of the product in relation to its core concept, carefully evaluating each element to discern what is essential, what lacks immediate purpose, and what requires further refinement. Consider the evolving nature of each component's purpose and its relevance at different stages of development. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the product is purposeful and strategically aligned with its overarching goals.



Craft a comprehensive visual depiction of the product, providing a clear and accurate representation of its essence. Begin the process of documenting the product, creating visual assets that fully articulate its intended form and functionality. These visual representations serve as a tangible blueprint, offering stakeholders a concrete understanding of the product being developed.


Functional specification

Although a picture may convey a wealth of information, it cannot capture every functional aspect of a product. Elaborating on wireframes to detail both the frontend and backend perspectives adds invaluable depth and clarity. By specifying these perspectives, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the product's functionality, ensuring alignment between design and development teams.


Technical Requirements

Refine technical documentation as an intrinsic component of our process at Engineers. With meticulous care and attention, we enhance these documents to serve as invaluable supplements, ensuring they provide clear and comprehensive insights into your product development journey. By seamlessly integrating this step into our workflow, we empower you with enhanced understanding and efficiency throughout every stage of development.


Effort estimates

Estimating delivery efforts holds significant value for your business, impacting crucial parameters such as time and money, regardless of whether you choose in-house or contracted delivery for your digital product. This process ensures accurate planning and resource allocation, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs throughout the development journey.


Statement of work

Preparing a Statement of Work (SOW) is paramount, even when executing delivery in-house, as it mitigates risks akin to those encountered when contracting external parties. By adopting the same precautions for in-house execution, you safeguard against potential pitfalls and ensure clarity, accountability, and alignment throughout the project lifecycle.

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